Design Ways 2021

September 2021

Design Ways Conf is a UX / UI conference initiated by the Krakow Design Initiative (KID) and co-created by its participants. It is an event related to design, experiences, context and perspectives. It is knowledge, networking, and more importantly – the emphasis not only on the importance of design in our lives, but also what impact it can have and how we can use it.



Uczestników 500 | Odsłon platformy 38000 | Prelegentów 50 | Osób w zespole 12 | Długość 2 dni



– Comprehensive service of a hybrid event
– Stationary studio in Expo Krakow
– Delivery and configuration of the platform
– Realization of the vision – live streaming
– 2 themed scenes
– Recordings of speakers in the studio
– Processing of video materials
– Configuration of the EXPO zone






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THT Conference 2022

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