What events can I implement?

The pool of online events is almost unlimited. We will help you organize online events of an educational nature – e-learning, lectures, trainings, workshops and conferences – and entertainment, e.g. concerts or integration events. Our offer also includes product presentations, premieres and online sales campaigns.

What is the maximum number of participants for an online event?
It is enough for each participant to have access to the Internet and a computer or other mobile device (smartphone, tablet). If the above conditions are met, we are able to organize an interactive, small training for a dozen or so people with one leader or a conference with the participation of thousands of people scattered around the world. You decide.
Does online transmission carry risks?
Our experience in the event industry allows us to accompany you from the planning of the event to the final effect. We provide design and technical support throughout the process. All activities are possible thanks to the advanced online communication platform.
Where can the online broadcast come from?
As for the location, we offer complete freedom. We enable online broadcasting from your home, office or – for the sake of TV quality – we encourage you to use our recording studio.
What is the quality of the transmitted image?
The strength of the Internet connection and the type of equipment – the quality of the outgoing message depends on these two factors. In order to obtain high quality HD, we invite you to use our studio. We can also install the appropriate infrastructure in your home or office.

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