September 2020

Cybersec is the largest online event in 2020 in Poland and also the largest cyber security event in Europe. Among the world leaders in cybersecurity, the conference was attended by, among others president of Estonia and Armenia, secretary general of NATO,
deputy presidents of the European commission and defense ministers of European countries, security chiefs of Google, Facebook and Samsung.

The platform has passed the cybersecurity audit required by the organizer and NATO



Audience 250 | Number of sessions 40 | Speakers 122 | Exhibitors 100 | Length 3 days


– Comprehensive service of a hybrid event
– Stationary studio at ICE KRAKÓW
– Delivery and configuration of the platform
– Realization of the vision – live streaming
– 2 themed scenes
– Support for remote connections
– Recordings of speakers in the studio
– Processing of video materials
– Configuration of the EXPO zone for 100 exhibitors






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