D&I Changemakers Festival 2021

December 2021


The D&I Changemakers 2021 conference is the largest event dedicated to diversity and inclusion in Central and Eastern Europe. The conference is dedicated to top-level managers, D&I or HR, experts on D&I, ERG leaders or members, anyone interested in diversity and inclusion.
In D&I CHANGEMAKERS CONFERENCE 2021 there are 70 speakers appearing in 40 speeches in the following thematic areas:

  • Trendy Big Picture i D&I,
  • D&I Strategy and evidence-based D&I,
  • Inclusive leadership,
  • Integration recruitment,
  • Inclusive language,
  • Employee Resource Groups,
  • Remote work and D&I,
  • Gender balance,
  • LGBTQ + inclusion,
  • Sanity.


Configuration of the EXPO zone
Delivery and configuration of the platform
Realization of the vision – live streaming
Creation of the event website






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